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Colin Mitchell
Colin Mitchell
February 02, 2017
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Here is a list of videos produced by Karl von Moller, an electronics enthusiast as well as a Movie/Documentary/Scriptwriter with extraordinary talents in so many areas.
He has produced these videos for TV and released them pre-maturely to all his electronics’ enthusiasts to show us what he has done.
I am in some of them as well as all my friends and you can see how we pioneered the electronics industry, before the advent of the internet and even before colour TV.
A lot of our achievements may seem trivial but Australia was up-with and ahead of many other countries and we pioneered (and invented) the transistor (we actually detected gain by adding a third wire to a gelena crystal detector to get a better and higher output - but we did not go any further, Amateur radio - especially The Pedal Wireless, sea beacons, the Black Box recorder for aircraft and The Bionic Ear.
Just to name some of them.
I know you will be fascinated with the videos:

These videos are by: Karl von Moller

In-Focus Videos:

Silanna Semiconductor:

Colin Mitchell

Colin Mitchell



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