Super Probe MkII files
Colin Mitchell
Colin Mitchell
June 23, 2011
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[Kits are available](mailto:colin@elechelp.com?Subject=Buying Super Probe MkII kit&Body=Please e-mail the cost of Super Probe MkII kit by air mail to my country:****___**** and send details of how I can pay for it. My name is:____) for this project from Talking Electronics for $18.00 plus postage.

This is the complete program for SUPER-PROBE MkII.
It can be printed to about 40 sheets and studied to see how a complex program is structured. It occupies 2013 bytes of a 2048 byte memory.
To keep the program within a 2k memory, every operation has been created as a sub-routine. They can then be called by other sub-routines, if required.
The program uses many complex, mathematical, routines and some would take a week to digest, so don’t expect to understand most of the code.
All you need to know is the data needed to feed a particular sub-routine and the result it produces. You can then copy-and-past the instructions into the program you are creating and test its performance.

Here are the files you will need:

  • SuperProbeMkII.asm
  • SuperProbeMkII.hex

Colin Mitchell

Colin Mitchell



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