Become an Electrician
Colin Mitchell
Colin Mitchell
April 27, 2014
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Table Of Contents

How to become one?
Here is a list of Chapters:


This project is not yet complete but contains about 90% of the required material.

These notes are a result of many requests for details on how to become an electrician.
Becoming and ELECTRICIAN, ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR, LINESMAN or anything in the electrical trade will provide you with a lifetime of employment. you with a lifetime of employment.
Worldwide electrical requirement is expanding at 5% per year.

How to become one?

You just need to know the basics of electricity and gain the skills in making a good job of any project.
But most important is to avoid mistakes.

These notes are just a starting-point.
You need the practical skills to prove your capabilities. That’s why you will get ON THE JOB.

These notes will help you understand your LECTURE NOTES when you undertake a course of study and after reading them you will be able to apply for an apprenticeship with a basic understanding of what is involved in the job. It’s the STARTING POINT.

Here is a list of Chapters:

Chapter 1: How to Start
Chapter 2: Safety
Chapter 3: Wiring
Chapter 4: The Fuse Box
Chapter 5: Fault Finding
Chapter 6: Mains Tracer Project - detects the 50Hz
Chapter 7: Cable Tracer Project - uses an FM radio
Chapter 8: Wiring an Alarm


  • Flat blade screwdriver xxx mm wide
  • Small flat blade screwdriver xx mm wide
  • Philips screwdriver xx mm shaft
  • Pliers with side-cutting facility
  • Strong magnet - use a “rare-earth” magnet
  • Spirit Level for making sure power points are level
  • Low-cost ANALOGUE MULTIMETER $10.00 on eBay
  • Soldering Iron and solder to make earth connections (if you don’t want to use 30-Amp connectors)
  • Notepad and pencil to record the wiring diagram
  • Black Marker Pen to write “A” on the ends of the cables

Fault-Finding Equipment you will need:

Colin Mitchell

Colin Mitchell



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